Ear, Nose and Throat

The Maxima Medical Center ENT department (Ear, Nose and Throat) is the largest in the region. Most patients only consider seeing an ENT specialist for their children, treating conditions such as tonsillitis or putting tubes/grommets in their ears. This specialty treats a broad range of conditions that affect our most primary of senses of hearing, taste and smell. ENT specialists are trained in both the medical and surgical treatment of hearing loss, ear infections, balance disorders, ear noise (tinnitus), and some cranial nerve disorders.

Our ENT specialists treat conditions of the head and neck, manage diseases of the throat, larynx (voice box), and the upper aero-digestive tract or esophagus, including voice and swallowing disorders.  We achieve this by working in collaboration with a wide variety of specialisms treating issues such as sleep apnea, cleft palates, allergies and many more.

Sleep center 

Our focus within our sleep center is on disorders of the respiration during sleep. The Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) and central sleep apnea (CSAS) are examples of this focus.

Within the sleep center you can expect our multi-disciplinary team to address your concerns with the understanding that these disorders rarely stand alone. In our sleep center pulmonologists, ENT doctors, neurologists and surgeons work together to investigate the connections between these and other disorders.

Our specialist team has clinical visits at both the Eindhoven and Veldhoven location, and as always, our focus on patient centered care treats you as a partner in addressing your condition and treatment.

Please contact us at (040) 888 56 70.

How to contact us

Location Eindhoven

  • Visiting address: Ds. Th. Fliednerstraat 1, 5631 BM Eindhoven
  • Postal address: PO Box 90052, 5600 PD Eindhoven

Location Veldhoven

  • Visiting address: De Run 4600, 5504 DB Veldhoven
  • Postal address: PO Box 7777, 5500 MB Veldhoven

Phone Numbers 

  • General Information:
    (040) 888 80 00
  • Emergency Care (First Aid):
    (040) 888 88 11
  • Admissions:
    (040) 888 94 65
  • Complaints Officer:
    (040) 888 94 81