The Department of Dermatology at Máxima Medical Center offers comprehensive patient care in outpatient and inpatient settings. Providing a full range of dermatologic care for both common and rare problems of skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes.

Conditions such as: 

  • skin cancer
  • sun damage
  • moles, ( to remove or monitor)
  • eczema (seborrhea, atopic, contact allergy)
  • psoriasis
  • acne and other inflammatory conditions in the skin
  • varicose veins
  • warts
  • infections of the skin, including fungal infections
  • hives 
  • warts and other benign skin changes
  • conditions effecting the vulva and related regions

With the skin being the largest organ of the body and dermatology being one of the broadest of specialties our practice has a dedicated and diverse team working to meet your needs. 

 Our goal is not to just provide the highest quality of care and utilize the latest in innovative techniques- we believe you have the right to expect that as a given. Where we find our practice excels is in the connection we have with our patients. We have the ability in our practice to establish relationships, and look to create a partnership of care. In dermatological care it is these relationships that make all the difference to your health and wellbeing.

Our practice sees a large range of concerns, however in recent years we have seen a steep rise in the incidences of skin cancers. Historically seen as more a disease of advancing age we now see many individuals far younger than previously.  Our treatment of cancer is multi-disciplinary and we draw not only on our expertise but we also work hand in hand with teams assembled to address your needs. With advances in care providing non-invasive solutions to the treatment of many milder forms of skin cancers we are able to widen our practice and seek out the best possible treatment.

The Máxima Medical Center dermatological team offers consultations at both locations- MMC Eindhoven and MMC Veldhoven. Contact us for more information at (040) 888 58 80.


How to contact us

Location Eindhoven

  • Visiting address: Ds. Th. Fliednerstraat 1, 5631 BM Eindhoven
  • Postal address: PO Box 90052, 5600 PD Eindhoven

Location Veldhoven

  • Visiting address: De Run 4600, 5504 DB Veldhoven
  • Postal address: PO Box 7777, 5500 MB Veldhoven

Phone Numbers 

  • General Information:
    (040) 888 80 00
  • Emergency Care (First Aid):
    (040) 888 88 11
  • Admissions:
    (040) 888 94 65
  • Complaints Officer:
    (040) 888 94 81