Preparing for your visit for outpatient and inpatient procedures

Admission process

Registration and Waitlist:

The admissions department will register you on a waiting list.  You may submit a list of priority dates and we will endeavor to take this into account. 

After the appointment is set, you will receive information regarding which location Eindhoven/Veldhoven to report.  The location you are allocated will depend solely on the type of treatment or procedure you will be receiving.

Pre-operative consultation

If you will be having a surgical procedure you will also be booked in for Pre-operative consultation. This consultation will assess your medical history and current medications. You will be informed if a modification in your medication schedule is warranted on the day/or days before the surgery. You will also receive information regarding preparation for procedure and information on anesthesia. 

MRSA:Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection

This is a common bacterial infection that can cause serious complications therefore we ask that you please inform us if the following is true for you or anyone in your immediate family.

  • Recent treatment in a foreign hospital
  • Recent treatment in a Dutch hospital where MRSA has been reported
  • Handling of live pigs or calves

If you meet any of the risk criteria listed above either before or between your last clinic visit and your admission it is URGENT that you inform the department where you are being treated. We may need to take special measures to ensure safe protocol.

Confirmation from Admissions Department

Two weeks before your procedure date you will receive a confirmation call regarding the location from the Admissions Department. The last working day (Monday-Friday) you will receive a final confirmation of the exact time of your procedure. Please call the Admissions Department if you do not hear from us (040) 888 94 65.

If your procedure unexpectedly cancelled or cannot proceed as scheduled you will be informed as soon as possible.

If you are too ill to attend your procedure you must contact the Admissions Department as soon as possible. This consideration will allow another patient to be seen in your place and we can reschedule accordingly. If you have any concerns regarding your general health before the procedure please contact (040) 888 94 65.

How to contact us

Location Eindhoven

  • Visiting address: Ds. Th. Fliednerstraat 1, 5631 BM Eindhoven
  • Postal address: PO Box 90052, 5600 PD Eindhoven

Location Veldhoven

  • Visiting address: De Run 4600, 5504 DB Veldhoven
  • Postal address: PO Box 7777, 5500 MB Veldhoven

Phone Numbers 

  • General Information:
    (040) 888 80 00
  • Emergency Care (First Aid):
    (040) 888 88 11
  • Admissions:
    (040) 888 94 65
  • Complaints Officer:
    (040) 888 94 81